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About AISA

A6GNL™ Innovative Skill Academy is a training institute that seeks to equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to build a formidable career of your choice. We achieve this through professional training, coaching, internships and much more. Your future lies in your career and it's our responsibility to make that a reality.

AISA Courses

We bring in Qualified, and Experienced tutors in your field of learning, that are doing great things and eager to impact. So you don’t just get theoretical knowledge, but you’re exposed to real life situations as well.

Software Development

Become a software guru, and learn the different aspects of software development with our software courses.

Content Creation

Content is king and if you know how to create them you could become the next most wanted creator. Learn how to create content that sells with our content creation course.

Graphics Design

A graphic makes an impression, but with a quality graphic, you create a long-lasting impression. Learn how to create good visuals that communicate.

Digital Marketing

Every business needs an online presence and you can be their Digital marketing manager, learn how to help businesses thrive online.

Sales & Entrepreneurship

Learn everything you need to become a professional salesperson who knows his onions.

UI/UX Design

Every website needs that creative touch and strategic user-friendly interface, learn how to create deliver that with style and professionalism.

Solar and CCTV Installation

Learn how to make installations and build a career with Solar and CCTV systems.

Features of our Training

We’re not just tutoring and letting you go, we’ve got exciting ways to help you transition from classroom to real life experience, and jobs.

AISA Certification

You will be given a certificate recognised worldwide at the end of the training.

Access to our Digital Community

Having a community to share ideas and challenges with helps you grow. At the end of your training, you can join our digital community.

Apprenticeship Opportunity

You will be able to intern with us to sharpen your skills through real-life tasks at the end of the training.